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sport picks What about patent No. 00125691?
The description of this patent contains words like "computer", "online" and "real-time". Figure 2 in an clear diagram, shows the process of the system and bettor which is explained in 8 steps flowchart that ends with "determine payout of event".

The patent application that was published on the 6th of May by the United States Patent office remains pending.

This application is held by Microsoft and it might be a part of the future of online sports betting. Over the last few months, we’ve interviewed many sources, representing a vast spectrum of interests with the online betting industry. And we’ve made a few important findings about the future of this patent.

Among them are:

Congress is somewhere in the early stages of revising local betting rules and plans to introduce enhanced legislation that will address many sport and types of betting, daily fantasy tournaments as well as many forms of online betting.

Some of the world’s largest tech companies are expected to go in the online betting business and compete against established US and international sportsbook operators and state lotteries, Native American betting interests and fantasy sports sites for a large share of the market. This new way of betting might change the bookie industry on a large scale. There are many large tech companies so there might be lots of competitors entering the betting industry soon. Different companies may develop different betting systems as well.

Stock-market, futures, forex exchange like sports betting exchanges can be created to be useful for the more advanced bettors, while also presenting the sports leagues with a potential opportunity to make profits directly off of legal sports betting.
Robots – fueled by dynamic algorithms and motion tracking cameras and microchips, capable of ingesting large amounts of real-time data from athlete’s bodies will increasingly begin to dominate the high-stakes sports betting.

Legalization – it might produce pitfalls, including increases in betting addiction and many others, such as advertising that is betting or sport related, which may have plagued other jurisdictions with legal sports betting.
There are some advantages and some disadvantages to this potential change in the online betting industry and opinions are varied by both bookmakers and by bettors.

Opinions may vary on when a legal market can take shape in the US, who is the leading bookmakers market an there is the question of if the American society can handle all that will be a large shift towards expanded legalized sports betting. We need to examine what the future landscape will be and what are the potential paths to legalization and what will the resulting marketplace resemble.

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