Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mambo No. 5!

sport picks Imagine that you are attracting a player named Mambo and you do not give him the shirt of No. 5. Poor judgment by Efsflight United. This was the message made on Twitter a few days ago by a 26-year-old Arsenal and Maidstone United fans for Efsfleet`s central defender Yado Mambo.

Charlton`s adolescent really plays for the National League team, the fifth level of English football, but carries the No. 18 on his back. Speaking of a fan named Joe, which he had obviously written with a wink at the evergreens of music Mambo No. 5 of the German musician Lu Bega, gathered tens of thousands of likes and social networking, and EbSfleet took things in their own hands. And with a cause, not for a clean profit. Like most of the different soccer profiles on social networks that even in some printed editions, from Efsflight United, we could not help noticing the madness that was created around our Jade Mambo T-shirt. Or rather, the lack of a T-shirt of 5, write from the team on its official site. To date, No. 5 belongs to our captain David Winfield, who is a pretty big boy. Imagine trying to squeeze the shirt out of his hands. We will need more brave men than ourselves, continue with a sense of humor from United.

So how can we give people what they want and at the same time do good? Fury around Mambo began with a television show with Leighton Orion, as the charity cause of the game was about fighting prostate cancer. We decided that we would auction an eBay exclusive and unique Mambo T-shirt with a 5 on the back, a certificate of authenticity and a signed picture of Jade himself with the shirt. Even before we officiated our intentions, we received a ? 350 bid, so that`s the starting price they add from the club, calling for news to be disseminated and promoting the cause on social networks.

As to what player is actually Yado Mambo. The 26-year-old defender was born in London, but rarely stayed for a long time and had a total of 12 teams, and this was his third stay at Ebbsfleet. And for United, he has the most games by online sport tv - 45. At present EbSfleet is eleventh in the National League standings.

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