Unique! Manoute Bol lied about his age in the NBA at age 50

sport picks One of the most colorful players in the history of the NBA was 15 or even 20 years older when competing in the league. This revealed the coach who led Manoute Bol from Sudan to the United States.
`When I went to his native country, no one knew how old this man was, even Manoute himself had no idea, so I chose his date of birth October 16, 1962, ` Kevin McKay said. He is attracting him to play for the Cleveland State University where he is a coach. The 231-cm giant is never allowed to team because of doubts about the regularity of his filing. The Sudan, however, somehow arrives at the Bridgeport University, which competes in the second level of college basketball. Bol recorded the fantastic 22, 5 points, 12, 5 rebounds and 7, 1 `umbrella` on average per match and catches the eye of the NBA scouts. In 1985, when he was 23, according to Immigration Office documents, he was chosen in the Washington draft. Manute spends 10 seasons in the strongest league and leaves a lasting trail. Even the biggest stars like Michael Jordan can not escape his infinitely long hands that easily block some of their shooting to the basket. Last year, one of the teammates at the Philadelphia Sudanese wonder also raised the question of his real age.
`I remember sitting next to each other on the bench, and at one point I noticed strange circles on his crown, and I asked him:Manute, what are those scars on your head? ` And he replied, `Well, the white man lost my papers inthe jungle, so I had to leave a footprint every 5 years, `he explained. At the next game, I tried to count them and I was startled:`Shit, this guy is 55 years old, ` said the former star of Jason Williams.
Bol himself withdrew from the NBA in 1995 and then for a short play in Qatar before devoting himself to charity. He donates much of the money earned in the league from sport prediction types for various causes in his troubled homeland. At one point, they even offer him the post of sports minister, but one condition is to accept Islam, and Manoute refuses. He was subsequently arrested and for nearly 6 months his supporters from the United States tried to help save him. Eventually, she was released and left with her family in America, where she continued to raise funds for Sudanese refugees. He goes from this world on June 29, 2010 after complications from Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
Last summer, one of Ten Manoute`s children, Bol Bol, has become a real sensation in the sketch for the college championship. The 18-year-old heir to the legend is 217 centimeters high, and all his specialists anticipate a brilliant future. During the Summer League, Bol Bol recorded an average of 22 points with the Oregon University team.

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