They asked for an official explanation from Pep for that conversation

sport picks The English Football Association wants an explanation from Josep Guardiola for his talk with Nathan Redmond after the end of the Manchester City final against Southampton. The cameras caught the Spaniard speaking fiercely as the soccer player of the saints smiles. It is not clear now that leaders in the English league mentioned by american football picks prepare a penalty for the manager, but it is a fact that he has a deadline until Monday to give a formal explanation. Otherwise, Pep himself and Redmond himself have already revealed what they have been talking about. City`s coach has praised the young Englishman for his qualities while at the same time expressing his disappointment that he and his teammates have not attacked the Manchester team but have defended themselves. You`re a good footballer, and last season we just crashed. I`ve been following you since. But you have to play with greater self-esteem, raise your head and believe in yourself, were Guardiola`s words.

To this Redmond he replied that he simply followed the instructions of his manager. Southampton lost the match 1:2 with a goal in the added time.

Today Pep said he can not control himself. `I`m sorry, I`m sorry, I`m the same with Yoshu Kimi in Bayern, I can not control myself, I hope I can fix it, I`ll explain everything to the FA, but if they do not believe me, I do not know what we`re doing here. to play matches, `said former Barcelona coach.

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