Nadal:What Federer did is very risky

sport picks Roger Federer had a very different season than the previous ones. The Swiss missed the whole clay season and played a total of 12 tournaments with 52 wins and 5 losses. In contrast, Rafael Nadal took part in 18 tournaments from sport archive predictions and played 77 games. The Spaniard commented that what Federer did is risky. He had a fantastic year. What he did was very difficult. Playing so little and winning almost every time you come back is a very high risk. When things are going well, it seems the right solution, but the truth is that it is very difficult. If you try again, you may not be as successful as before. I am 31 years old, he is 36. I have my career, he`s his, said Rafa. Nadal also talked about his knee problems at the end of the season. My knee should not be ready now. The goal is to be in good condition for a month. It takes time to recover well. That`s why I took a few weeks off. I did not finish the season in the best possible way, but I would soon have agreed to such a year, he said.

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