Brooklyn drew Jalil Okafor from Philadelphia

sport picks Center Jalil Okafor, who was voted number three in the 2015 scrap from Philadelphia 76s, was transferred to the Brooklyn Nets team. Okafort had a great desire to leave Philadelphia after falling short of coach Brett Brown`s bounty, and from the beginning of the season he had only 25 minutes to play. In addition, the team leadership declined the opportunity to extend his contract, which makes Okacar free agent at the end of the season. As part of the deal, Philadelphia will also send Nick Stawask in Brooklyn and pick in the second round of the scrap. Philadelphia will receive Trevor Booker in return. In his first and strongest season so far, the NBA Wakaopor recorded 17, 5 points and 7 0 rebounds per game as a game predicted by sport prediction types in 53 fights.

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