Minnesota appointed a club legend as an assistant

sport picks Legend of Minnesota Twins and Canadian baseball Justin Morno returns to the MLB club. The three-time Star Matcher who officially did not end his career, but last played in the Premier League in 2016, was appointed a special assistant to the twins. His specific role in leadership has yet to be clarified. The 36-year-old first baseball player and DH spent more than 10 seasons in Minnesota (2003-2013) before being transferred to Pittsburgh`s Pietras (2013). After that, Morno passed through Colorado Roches (2014-2015) and the Chicago White Sox (2016). Last year, his only appearance was as part of Canada`s national team for the World Class 17 `.

Justin Morno`s career was in 2006 when he was batting. 321 with 34 home runs and 130 RBI and was selected as the most useful player (MVP) in the American League. In a total of 14 seasons in MLB, he has a median coefficient. 281 with 247 home runs. Of these, 221 are Twins` uniforms, giving him fourth place in the club analyzed by sport articles rankings behind Harmon Kiliber (573), Kent Hrabek (293) and Bob Allison (256).

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