Mirotic cut New Orleans

sport picks Chicago Bulls winger Nicholas Mirotic has refused to pass into New Orleans Pelicanas, although both teams have reached a transfer deal, Adrian Vojanowski from ESPN said. The reason for the failure of the deal is the 12. 5 million dollar clause for the next year, which Mirotic has in his contract. The management of New Orleans does not intend to activate it, which is why Mirotic refused the transfer. The Spanish national is ready to go to New Orleans, but only on condition that Chicago activates this clause from his contract before, and that $ 12. 5 million will be guaranteed. The deal between Chicago and New Orleans was `the pelicans` to get Mirotic, while Omer Ashkhe and future choices in the first round of the scrap had to go to the United Center.

Since the beginning of the season, Mirotic, who will be 27 years old in February, has 16, 8 points and 6, 4 rebounds per game.

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